We manage all customs affairs for the import and export of goods and services.

• Comprehensive advice on international trade.
• Customs clearance services.
• Internal organization that groups together customer-specific operating processes.
• Comprehensive advice on import and export customs regulations (final and temporary imports, goods in transit, removals, samples, etc.).


    Import Clearance Proceedings.

    • We process and obtain special authorizations before public entities (the Argentine Administration of Medicines, Foods and Medical Technology – ANMAT; the Argentine Food Institute – INAL; the Argentine Food Safety and Quality Service – SENASA; the Argentine Registry of Motor Vehicles; the Foreign Trade Information System, etc.).
    • We carry out the proceedings to import special vehicles (new and used ones).

    Export Customs Destinations.

    • We have a department that specializes in the application and follow-up export refunds.
    • We prepare the commercial documents needed to perform exports.
    • We apply for the consular documents, certificates of origin, health certificates and other documents required for exports.
    • We file registrations and proceedings before public entities (INAL, SENASA, the Argentine Agriculture, Cattle-breeding and Fishing Department – SAGYP – ANMAT, SICE, etc.).
    • Control, follow-up and payment of export duties.
    • Export of turn-key factories.
    • Department specialized in handling temporary imports:
    – Industrial processing regulations (Executive Order 1330/04).
    – Packaging regulations (Executive Order 1001/82).
    – Expiry date control and alerts.
    – Extension management.
    – Cancellation management and return of pertinent guarantees.
    – Preparation of the Temporary Import Typification Certificate (CTIT) before the Industry Department.
    • Technical advice on tariff classification.
    • Proceedings before various public entities.
    • Bonded warehouse management.
    • Physical and digital archiving of operations for 10 years.
    • Some of our own staff work full time at major port terminals, airports and bonded warehouses.
    • Tracking of operations.
    • ISO:9001 certified customs operations.
    • Management of operations in free-trade zones (reception and clearance).
    • Assessment of customs-related matters for investment projects.
    • Assessment of import and export costs for investment projects.