When we talk to know the routes, the means and possibilities not referring exclusively to transport media or forms of study, but a comprehensive service covering these points in all respects.

So we know to be properly advised and represented a fundamental item to discuss international trade consulting.

B&B Legal Department is a law firm composed of lawyers, international trade specialists and customs brokers, which performs the legal, technical and operating analysis related to international trade.
B&B Legal Department represents companies before the General Customs Department, the National Court in Tax Matters and the Judiciary, rendering personalized services for our customers.


• Represents companies in administrative and legal proceedings related to international trade operations.
• Defends companies in disciplinary investigation or customs infringement proceeding.
• Advises and defends companies in controversies related to:
– Tariff classification
– Appraisal of goods/services for customs proceedings
– Origin of goods
– Dumping
• Raises objections related to the adjustment of appraisals, automatic fines, etc.
• Files actions for duties unduly paid twice.
• Advises and defends companies before the Argentine Central Bank (BCRA) in foreign exchange policy matters.
• Advises companies in matters related to international treaties, such as MERCOSUR, NAFTA and ALADI, among others.
• Registration under and advice on:
– Trusted Operator Customs system (“Sistema Aduanero de Operadores Confiables”)
– Secure Logistics Operator (“Operador Logístico Seguro”)
– Domiciliary customs
– Customs in factory
– Trusted Customs Broker System (“Sistema Aduanero de Despachantes de Aduana Confiable”)
• Registration of proceedings with the General Customs Department (DGA) and other public entities (the Argentine Administration of Medicines, Foods and Medical Technology – ANMAT; the Argentine Food Institute – INAL, etc.)
• Proceedings to obtain the approval of bonded warehouses.
• Proceedings to obtain the authorization for in-plant consolidation.
• Registration under and advice on special regulations (rules governing temporary imports for subsequent industrial processing, import of turn-key plants, capital assets, etc.).