“B & B LOGISTICS provides comprehensive services in transport, storage and cargo movement synchronizing the entire supply chain to get to any local or international destination efficiently and effectively.”



    portfolio• We operate in sea, land and air terminals
    • We offer customs assistance service with vast experience in foreign trade transactions.


    portfolio• Transport of containers from and to terminals
    • Withdrawal of empty containers for subsequent consolidation and transport to the port
    • Palletized cargo, solid and liquid bulks
    • Dangerous substances (IMO)
    • International transport
    • Heavy freight service: Movement, transport and deconsolidation of heavy and/or over dimensional cargo
    • Project cargo Industrial plant transport
    • Diversified fleet with equipment for ½ ton, 1 ton, 3.5 tons and up to 28 tons; all of them with satellite tracking, direct communication with the unit and available vehicle custody service.


    portfolio• Unloading of containers from transport means to the floor and vice versa Return of empty containers
    • Consolidation and deconsolidation of containers in industrial plants or external warehouses
    • Fitting-out of goods
    • Movement of machinery and production lines: entry to plant and delivery to the final mounting sector
    • Special projects: Movement of heavy and/or over dimensional cargo


    portfolio• Unloading: reception, quality control and entry to the stocks control system
    • Warehousing: making cyclical inventories, goods turnover
    • Order preparation: stamping and labeling, packing, cross-docking
    • On-line information: remote control of stocks and other management reports
    • Bonded warehouse: María system, handling of containers, deconsolidation Cargo complete or partial verification Nationalization of goods and customs procedures for exports and imports


    portfolio• Domestic transport of containers or bulk cargo throughout the country
    • International transport of containers or bulk cargo headed for Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Multimodal transport
    • Routing and cargo planning
    • Milk-run circuit programming
    • Reverse logistics


    B&B LOGISTICS provides a high quality service and competitive price, which will improve the profitability of their products guaranteeing their start destination in the shortest time possible.

    To achieve this goal, B&B LOGISTICS has a team of trained professionals to optimize resources, minimize empty runs, synchronizing the time of the whole chain for the benefit of the end customer.

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