• ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFICATION

    The Quality Management System covers the following areas:

    – Customs clearance
    – International trade consultancy
    – Domiciliary customs proceedings
    – Customs in factory proceedings
    – International forwarding agent proceedings



    • B&B operation management system
    • Follow-up of international cargo operations
    • Prior customs clearance procedure
    • Temporary import administration and follow-up system
    • Return follow-up system
    • Guarantee follow-up system
    • Tariff classification and customs regulation system
    • Maria IT system
    • ATA terminals
    • Development of interfaces with our customers´ systems.
    • – Using .NET and SQL Server we develop systems that allow us to:
      – Obtain the information needed to perform the operations.
      – Process that information.
      – Unload imported goods (if applicable).
      – Transfer the information to Maria system and obtain the official validation.
      – Provide the official validation information with a product-level settlement.

    • Access to our web page to follow up customs clearance and international freight forwarding operations online.
    • – Using .NET and SQL Server we develop all kinds of personalized reports:
      – Access to scanned documents
      – Management reports
      – Statistics reports
      – Charts
      – Export to various formats
      – Tracking of clearance proceedings
      – Tracking of international freight forwarding proceedings

    • Personnel organized in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards.
    • Standardized HR selection process based on customer’s needs.
    • Definition of positions and profiles.
    • Training plan with internal / external trainers.
    • Development of personnel’s skills.
    • Coaching programs.
    • – Planning and organization
      – Leadership
      – Communication
      – Operating management
      – Continuous improvement

    • Training programs for customers
    • – Updating on international trade
      – Customs rules and regulations


      In B&B Comercio Exterior, the Corporate Social Responsibility is our commitment to the community and the environment.
      Our CSR Committee meets regularly in order to consider monthly actions, generate new ideas and ways of cooperation, inviting the ones who need it and need us.
      We work with NGOs jointly and constantly, participate in activities, offer our help in specific cases and introduce initiatives that may help develop them.
      We have a Code of Ethics that states rules and principles that inspire the way B&B employees behave.
      We participate in the United Nations Global Compact and abide by its ten principles.
      We have signed an agreement with the Committee for the Full Participation and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (COPIDIS) through which we can help other sectors of our community, by providing training courses. Some of those persons now work for B&B Comercio Exterior.
      B&B Comercio Exterior: “Less words, more actions”.